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With his collections, designer Christophe Lemaire revives classic fashion. His little changes individualize each garment, transforming a classic piece into a modern eye-catcher that enlightens one’s mood with its clear and bright purism. He particularly enjoys playing with volume, striking details and fresh highlights that transform the minimalist outfits into sophisticated objects of design.

The current men’s winter collection involves camel, beige, grey, off-white and black colors, which together with the help of precise cuttings bring to mind a pre-spring collection instead. Friendly light pants, leather coats and sports jackets also show up in this collection.

Instead of following the mainstream path that begs crassly for attention, Christophe Lemaire concentrates upon making little little modernizations, achieving a dazzling effect while provide for an impressive view. Pants are made more voluminous, and sports jackets receive a more masculine attitude thanks to their striking shoulders and leather material.

While the plain colors remain in place for the womenswear, their shapes change slightly. This especially affects the individuality of the garments. Boyish elements and oversized pieces are the main features: for example, the typical pencil skirt is depicted in casual midi-length and with extra volume. These silhouettes are a reinterpretation of the classic elegance of Parisian chic, and after all this is said and done they still retain their sex appeal. By the way, this was also featured at the Paris Fashion Week. What do you think?

Christophe Lemaire SS15 @ Paris Fashion Week

Christophe Lemaire SS15 @ Paris Fashion Week

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