Well everyone probably knows that ants are true masters when it comes to surviving in all kinds of environments. But it almost seems bizarre and crazy to us how far these little companions will go and what extreme practices they developed to successfully survive and flourish.

Honey pot ant is a term which doesn’t particularly refer to one specimen or breed, it is a term which describes a type of ant you can find in several ant breeds. They are called honey pot ants, because they feature a kind of honey pot attached to them. These ants seem to hang from the ceiling inside the chambers of the anthill almost motionlessly. There, the ants are fed and used as a kind of living pot for honey which is stored in the ants’ stomach. Yes, these ants live to serve as a living honey dispenser.

Well, okay, let’s sum up what I just said. Ants abuse other ants as living pots. By the way, the honey is harvested from the excretion of plant louse or by extracting it from rotten fruits. Yeah, ants are indeed incredibly fascinating and somewhat frightening.

Copyright and Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honigtopfameisen