What to do if a city faces the problem of overpopulation, which causes concrete buildings to spring up like mushrooms driving away even the last soupcon of green and nature on the ground? Well, the answer is simple! Just cultivate your own plants on the housetop!

This is a real trend in metropolises all around the world, particularly in Beijing, China. It seems that this measure is almost necessary as Chinese cities indeed have to deal with severe air pollution, also because there isn’t enough space left to plant trees and other plants.

Here, you can find peace and flee your hectic everyday life. A small oasis in a real concrete desert. In addition, you can plant fruit and vegetables here in your own rooftop garden. Furthermore, these plants help reduce the air pollution. Indeed, you would have to lay out way more gardens to successfully fight the smog and lack of oxygen which is becoming a more and more severe problem day by day. But it still depicts the creativity of the human being when facing problems. I hope this trend will be picked up by more people.

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