I’m really shocked. Today, I realized that I’ve been attending the Living Faces Make-up Academy  for two entire months. In the first month, the days felt as if time would run in slow motion like sand through a clogged hour glass. For this reason, I took the time to practice more besides the regular makeup classes by creating random makeup concepts. Of course, I had the Photo Academy take professional photos of my works in addition.

Well, after the big day on September 26th, when the monthly shoot took place, came to an end, the next monthly task was already determined and ready to keep my head busy. And now I’m wondering: How is this possible? How can the first month feel like an entire year and the second month like a week? It seems as if physics doesn’t work properly in the living faces academy.

Well, whatever. I haven’t shown you the awesome works of my classmates yet. Although they aren’t my achievements, I am still proud to be able to show guys a professional and creative set of photos revolving around the topic nude makeup. It is amazing to grasp the diversity and differences between the single works although we were all given this one single topic which we all associated with a rosy, juvenile and natural appearance. Everyone of us managed to showcase a different aspect of nude makeup in an extremely professional way. Kudos, girls!

You should take a look at this awesome making-of video. It looks amazingly professional.


Hair & Make-up: Victoria Heidrich
Hair & Makeup: Victoria Heidrich
Hair & Make-up: Tuna Hourani
Hair & Makeup: Tuna Hourani
Hair & Make-up: Thuy Le
Hair & Makeup: Thuy Le
Hair & Make-up: Steffi Kranich
Hair & Makeup: Steffi Kranich
Hair & Make-up: Melisa Günesdogan
Hair & Makeup: Melisa Günesdogan
Hair & Make-up: Karolin Ondrusch
Hair & Makeup: Karolin Ondrusch
Hair & Make-up: Hanna Scharmann-Klein
Hair & Makeup: Hanna Scharmann-Klein
Hair & Make-up: Gülcan Dimirci
Hair & Makeup: Gülcan Dimirci
Hair & Make-up: Elisa Rasp
Hair & Makeup: Elisa Rasp
Hair & Make-up: Anna-Maria Lippke
Hair & Makeup: Anna-Maria Lippke
Hair & Make-up: Alexandra Karstedt
Hair & Makeup: Alexandra Karstedt
Hair & Make-up: Anna Luft
Hair & Makeup: Anna Luft


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