Horror Fashion News 2014: The new Halloween costume trends are waiting for you!

Horror fans can’t wait to get a Halloween costume, thus we dared a  peek at the scary trends for this year’s Halloween parties. A lot of revealed skin + creepy costumes = sexy Halloween!




Sexy or scary? This year, women don’t have to choose! The combination of horror and skin is trendy: short outfits highlighted bloody details will dominate in clubs and home parties on October 31. Men won’t know whether they should be scared or enchanted…

Shocking with special effect makeup

Halloween indeed is a kind of competition where everyone strives to have the best and most realistic-looking costume. Contact lenses, scabs and artificial blood are considered a fan’s basic equipment. The new horror special effects will turn you into a real monster, which is like music to every fan’s and professional’s ears. Awesome new accessories await you e. g.: the Oscar-awarded artificial three-dimensional wounds, plastic latex half masks cooperating with the wearer’s mimic or thrillingly real monster teeth. Further scary suggestions and makeup tips can be found on  halloween.de, the horror magazine by  maskworld.com.


1001 variations: vampires are conquering Halloween

These bloodsucking night creatures are popular in films, series, games and comics. That’s why vampires are considered the most versatile horror figures ever. From the dignified Dracula to the seductive shining Twilight vampire, from the brave vampire warrior à la “Dracula Untold” to the BLR splatter vampire – Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to create your own idea of a perfect vampire! 2014 is the year of vampires!

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Besides of costumes: Halloween decoration

Even when Halloween focuses on costumes: scary decoration is a must-have for a perfect Halloween party! That’s why it’s trendy to decorate by using lovingly created decoration. Next to “passive” decoration like spider nets and skeletons, creative gadgets with light, movement and sound functions set you in the right mood.

Copyright and Source:  http://www.maskworld.com/