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Chiara Bautista is one of those Internet artists who manage to maintain a certain profile without revealing too much about themselves. You won’t find any private information about this young woman online, but instead more of her art. Her characters are a wolf and a rabbit, represented by a beautiful, ghostly predator and a pretty young woman with rabbit ears respectively.

These two seem to have a rather complicated relationship, and they seek to understand each others’ internal emotional chaos. Here, it’s the wolf that plays the role of the cool, impersonal but vulnerable character, while the rabbit, who seems very naïve at first sight, appears to have more experience than we think.

Little by little, the severity of the tragedy that brought these two together is revealed. Beside these main protagonists, other characters also appear in Bautista’s works, and they all have one thing in common: their beauty is often overshadowed by sadness. Chiara Bautista’s art style consists of pencil drawings that almost look like sketches, colourful images and fine single works inspired by Mucha’s art nouveau.

Melancholy, thoughtful, and beautiful drawings – Chiara Bautista.


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