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Hello fellow beauty lovers

Ladies, I have found a new perfect guilty pleasure: Kleiderkreisel.deI know, I know this one’s been around for absolutely ages now. But I never felt the urge to get myself to sign up. Two weeks ago however, I had time to spare and haven’t left the site since them (well, obviously I don’t mean physically ;)). I already sold about 30 articles up there in this short life span of my account. But this is not the main issue today. The thing that might interest you the most is the beauty deals I’ve made on there. A lot of you guys might think: “Gosh, girl, don’t be naïve. There are absolutely no securities for you up there, the thing could be spoiled, you could be cheated out of your bucks or the products could be fakes. Well, I do know that. That is why you have to check a 1001 things before you go in and buy. But if you do, It’s paradise for a fellow beauty addict with a heart for bargains.


ChanelDiorLancômeYSL  – that is everything that a materialistic heart can want – a discount of 70% off the actual price. That is my tip for you, go on and sign up, it’s free! And just roam around and look for things you would want, but always be careful.

Everything around my experiences in Kleiderkreisel, whether they’re good or bad regarding decorative cosmetics will be targeted in my upcoming Tip Tuesday. I have researched day and night and am excited to present my results to you.

Yours truly,

Lana Hoang

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