red and blue lips

For this look I’m focusing on changing my lip shape by using concealer to erase the outer edges of my upper and lower lip.

Step 1: Line your lips using a red lip liner. Draw on your desired lip shape. Here I’m creating a thinner upper lip and a more heart shaped cupids bow. Use concealer to erase your natural lip shape.

Step 2: Next I did the same thing with my bottom lip. Then It is really important to apply a white eyeshadow base to the center of your lips to make the color we will apply next stick better. Here I’m using the NYX Jumbo pencil in the color ‘Milk’.

Step 3: Lastly dab a bright blue eyeshadow (‘Neptune’ by Makeup Geek) on to the center of your lips on top of the eyeshadow base and blend it in to the red lip liner.

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