Today I’ll show you how to make your lips appear bigger by following only 6 steps.

Step 1: First moisturize your lips with a lip balm to prevent any dry skin.

Step 2: Choose a lip liner that has the same color as your lips. Outline your lips with it and try to overdraw them a little bit to make them appear bigger.

Step 3: Next apply a nude lipstick all over your lips. Here I’m using ‘Myth’ by MAC.

Step 4: Take a lip liner that is a few shades darker than your lipstick and use it on the outer corners of your lips. Blend the two colors together. This trick will instantly make your lips look larger.

Step 5: Next we will highlight and contour your lips. Take a light eyeshadow (‘Bootycall’ by Urban Decay) or highlighter and apply it to your cupid’s bow. Then use a brown eyeshadow or bronzer and apply it below your bottom lip to create a shadow.

Step 6: Lastly apply a lipgloss to the center of your lips.

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