Mirte van Wijngaarden was born in 1987 and as a 27-year-old woman, she is a quite young member of the fashion business. She studied fashion design at the Willem de Koonig Academie and during her studies, she did an internship at the menswear brand  Cedric Jacquemyn in Belgium. In 2013, Mirte finished her studies with a striking masculine collection called “untouchable”.

Masculine and breathtakingly androgynous features accompany the summer collection 2015, called “Victorious”, as well. Eastern and western design elements in dark shades are mixed with each other and result in a modern, architectural, but also oriental, innovative and impulsive image.

It’s the thrilling surfaces that characterize the look and connect rigid elements and svelte, delicate pieces. While a vest is almost completely made of transparent fabrics, long gowns strike out with sturdier textiles and straight lines. Pleats, layers and leather elements are as important as edgy seams and linen. Aladdin pants and oriental pieces are completed with a shirt or jacket; dark black is completed by dirty white. Contrasts can be also found in the color palette, in the style of the cuts and the choice of fabrics. This is what makes the collection so exciting and unique! I really hope you didn’t miss the  MQ Vienna Fashion Week because Mirte van Wiingaarden showed her collection  within the frameworks of this spectacle.


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