Young, wild and talented – these traits characterize the designer  Mariella Morgana, who incorporates these features into her creations, beautifully. She loves risks and likes to discover new things. That’s why her lines are marked by such an experimental character. She transfers her creativity to the wearers by leaving enough space for interpretations. The main motto of the young label is to “Love Life”! You can find this message in her different outfits. Thanks to a sophisticated versatility of materials and unbelievably breathtaking details as well as provocative and seductive highlights, both the fashion and fashion show become absolute highlights. On 12 September, you could visit a legendary show of hers at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week.

Fashion fans can find both seductive and pieces that are close to nature here. Both are embellished with a lot of details and impressive surprises and twists. Thereby, even the lines between both sexes seem to partly become unclear. Moreover, thrilling surface structures, cut-outs and metal chains add more individuality.

While the focus was mostly set on elegant sensuality in the past spring and summer collections, last year’s fall and winter selection is closer to nature and expresses urban coolness. In the first lines, women are offered pretty dresses while men can choose tops with deep necklines. The color scheme includes black, white and grey. On the contrary, transparence and mesh fabrics, peek-a-boo designs and metal chains dominate the dark and earthy winter fashion. Asymmetric cuts and sensual creations refine this line.

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