Pattric Boyle was another win for the MQ Vienna Fashion Week as he joined the event as a new designer who elegantly interprets the image of the modern man. He creates men’s wear that is influenced by urbanity and a contemporary structure which doesn’t give him a stereotypical role, but which offers many options of interpretation. During this year’s fall season, powdery, light, refreshing colors are put into the limelight.

The collection unites influences of modern street wear and classic chic. The elegantly formal silhouette of the suit can be found in the entire fall collection. The famous pleated pants are not only offered as ankle-length versions, but also as short ones. Even the sports jacket reveals many facets, which yet can’t go without beige, white and black.

Lace appears over and over again in different versions. The casual sweater strikes out with its extravagant lace design. The combination of precious and casual details defines this impressive collection. I find this “mix’ n’ match” style extremely sophisticated. Pattric Boyle plays with the masculine image of men and creates contemporary and timeless creations with the help of his visions.

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