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The motto of the newest Moschino spring/summer collection 2015 is Barbie: the models are wearing pink clothes from head to toe. Even the makeup is pink, the eyeshadow as well as the bright pink lips.

Step 1: Blend a light pink eyeshadow into your whole crease area. Here I’m using ‘Cupcake’ by Makeup Geek.

Step 2: To achieve the plastic Barbie skin look, take a highlight (for example ‘Nylon’ by MAC) and apply it on your brow bone, in your inner tear duct area and on your whole eyelid.

Step 3: Because you want your lashes to look fuller, take a dark eyeshadow (brown or black, for example ‘Carbon’ by MAC or ‘Mocha’ by Makeup Geek) on an eyeliner brush and apply it as close to your upper lash line as possible. Try to make it look very natural and blend the color out if needed.

Step 4: To make your eyes appear larger, take a nude-colored kajal pencil and line your waterline with it. Then use a black mascara for your lashes until they are as long as possible.

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