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I’m going to introduce a fashion brand that is probably very interesting for those who pay a lot of attention to sustainability.  Shakkei  namely offers green and sustainable fashion, which convinces with breathtakingly precious designs. Gabriel Baradee is the designer behind these creations. He studied fashion only after having graduated in Japanese studies. In 2009, he finally founded his own brand. Since then, Shakkei has become a fixed member of this scene and also participated at this year’s  MQ Vienna Fashion Week.

Crucial features of this sustainable vision are especially social responsibility, regionality, fairness and biological responsibility. These points are strictly followed, because Shakkei is more than only an idea. Thanks to Shakkei, you can feel good while going shopping and enjoy what you have bought. This year’s summer collection includes amazing and sophisticated treasures for both men and women. This time, the designer played with unusual colors and striking cuts. The 8th line is guided by the topic Japan and the two contemporary artists Georgia O’Keeffe and Richard Serra.

Women are especially shown in flowing dresses or skirts which accentuate their silhouettes. Thanks to these flowing materials,  an elegant image is developed, which still evokes a relaxed, easygoing impression. Bold colors, like violet or blue impress with a light undertone. Dark colors build up a contrast in this line. From the chic everyday look to the avant-garde dress – there are no limits for creativity. Gabriel Baradee combines men’s suits with different approaches and adds pleasant calm to the designs. You can find different ensembles in black, grey, olive or brown. This includes pleated pants, knitted jackets, sports jackets and sweaters. And finally, the picture is completed with extraordinary prints and colorful highlights. 

Shakkei SS15 @ MQ Vienna Fashion Week

Shakkei SS15 @ MQ Vienna Fashion Week

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