Delicate and precious fabrics dominate the svelte image of designer  Irina Vitjaz’s couture fashion. She creates absolutely wearable couture dresses for women who know what they want! Irina tells the story of modern femininity with the help of finest compositions of trend-setting cuts and unique details. Lately, they’ve been showcased at the  MQ Vienna Fashion Week, where the smart label celebrated its runway show for SS15 on September 11.

The current collection plays around with the feminine silhouette, using artful shapes. With the help of precious, often silky fabrics a luxurious character is created on the different dresses. High-quality applications, like for example a golden glow, refine the innovative picture. Also the harmonizing gowns and matching hats complete the wearer’s look in a classy way. Here, the lines combine totally different dresses, including a rocking and yet chic look or breathtaking elegance.

The woman’s femininity is highlighted in a stylish and classy way. Each gown puts emphasize in different ways: corsage dresses and flowing fabrics stand out with a harmonious choice of color and fine prints while deep wine-red velvet transforms a floor-length dress into a breathtaking art work. Another feature is the flower prints that embellish different dresses and add a touch of summer charm to them.

In this line, everyone can find her own matching art work, which transforms a dress into a dream by offering quality, comfort and design!

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