Fernanda Fernandes grew up in Brazil, in a family of craftsmen. She early discovered her love for handicraft, especially in the field of tailoring. When her mother, a tailor, was busy with her work Fernanda enjoyed watching how materials were turned into clothing. These fascinating observations stuck in her mind. After finishing High School, Fernanda Fernandes worked backstage in a jeans factory. A few years had to pass until she attended an evening course in order to train fashion designing. This path led her to the Netherlands, since then she considers fashion as a form of expression and art.

Fernanda’s style creates curiosity, because it’s adventurous and experimental. She balances past and future by innovative designing and discovering old tailoring techniques for herself. Her clothing appeals to cosmopolitan, self-confident women being interested in playful cuts and breathtaking features. Her fashion unites crazy elements with feminine silhouettes emphasized by extravagant cuts.

The lines unite sensual articles of clothing with distinctive models crying out loudly. Various upper and lower parts are combined, for example in the layer look. The symbiosis of numerous individual pieces is a part of her designing recipe. Frayed coats and extroverted fur vests are combined with transparent dresses and corsages. The woman is wearing pants in different lengths placed on top of each other, which may look bizarre to the eyes of the beholder. The overall picture makes a profound and complex impression and invites you to explore and discover! Furthermore, we can find extravagant accessories like a sculptural mask. The designer presented pure avant-gardism at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week.

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