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The MQ VIENNA FASHION WEEK began on 08 September in Wien, turning Austria’s capital again into the ultimate fashion metropolis for a week. Local and international designers present their latest creations in the museum district, a meeting place for art and culture placed in the center of Wien, for the sixth time.

Michael Michalsky, an extremely talented designer who was called the fashion Pope by the Vogue, opened the show on Monday. National labels like Susanne Bisovsky, Callisti, Nikola Fechter or Elfenkleid and international designers like Tom Van Der Borght from Belgium or Paul Direk from Thailand  present their collections  as well. 80 different catwalks were built and provided for this fashion spectacle.

The Label Callisti, for example, was founded by Martina Müller in 2007. She mainly focuses on ready-to-wear clothes. Yet,  a couture line was added in 2009 and has been  refreshed every year since then.

The focus is placed on the collections epitomizing timeless elegance and modern sensuality. The current line was successfully presented on September 11 at 8 pm.

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The designer Paul Direk  founded his label in 2006. He believes that a cool look, bags and accessories don’t have to be costly. That’s why he aims to design exquisite fashion at a fair price. His previous collections were dominated by black and white. We can’t wait to see how he used these colors in his current collection!

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Next to all the fashion shows, numerous side events on the subject of fashion take place and top this fashion week off. Furthermore, you should not forget that the MQ Vienna Fashion Week also sees itself as a trade fair. The latest collections were therefore presented, tried on and purchased on September 11 at the Quartier 21.

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