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KTZ was founded in 2013 being the result of a creative project by Marjan Pejoski and Sasko Bezovski. Pejoski is the one who incorporates her personality into her designs and who already achieved many successes thanks to her unique ideas. She creates fanciful, exciting, unusual and special ready-to-wear fashion for her and him, for all those who love the unconventional!

For the women’s winter collection, the label experiments with strong contrasts between black and white, which are highlighted by patterns. This strong contrast is emphasized in expressive, geometric patterns, which decorate several parts or even entire models. Marjan Pejoski also likes to play with the silhouette and combines body-shaping pants and voluminous tops. This look is marked by many layers. Some of them remind you of the Baroque era or of the Egyptian beauty Cleopatra.

The man wears a sporty and futurist play of statements pieces. Again, it’s the bold contrast of black and white that defines the collection. Geometric and graphic patterns unify the two shades into striking outfits. Voluminous, masculine cuts are the contrast to delicate, almost feminine shapes. The style is unusual and spreads strength and individuality.

The menswear line for summer includes the grace of Greek gods. This is expressed by wide garments and geometric prints or graphic characters and extreme coolness.

KTZ’s fashion appears almost gloomy, provocative, avant-garde and threatening. It transforms the wearer’s look into something unconventional thanks to components taken from Hip Hop fashion and G styles inspired by Greek mythology. If you are interested in an individual, breathtaking and versatile ensemble, follow the London Fashion Week. This label namely captured everyone’s heart at the last edition of this fashion spectacle..

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