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The brand Fyodor Golan  is the project of the designers Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman who got to know in London. They founded their label in 2011 which stands for a modern and innovative design: woman’s wear basing on visions, futuristic elements and classy elegance. The label presented their latest creations for 2015 on 12 September at the spectacular London Fashion Week and impressed a lot of fashion fans.

The fall/winter collection unites exceptional materials, breathtaking textiles and innovative combinations. It’s named “Crocodile” and is dominated by the Lamé look and glitter. Yet, the creations definitely aren’t classically glamorous, they rather look alien due to asymmetries, folds, edges, gathers, distinctive shoulders and futuristic forms. All these details are completed with visionary colors like gold, silver, red, pink and violet.

In contrast to this, the summer collection unites delicate, tender, and flowing materials with classy, muted colors. The interplay of feminine silhouettes and distinctive cuts creates a modern overall picture. Transparent dresses, folded skirts and sporty boxy jackets result in a playful, elegant and sporty summer look.

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