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Our planet is incredibly big when you consider all the weird stories it hosts. You’d think there will be hardly anything that can seriously shock you. But when I researched the topic “Feederism” I have to admit that I was momentarily surprised about the fact that there was a whole community supporting this form of sexual attraction. For those of you, who don’t know about what this is about: “Feederism” describes the sexual arousal caused by overfeeding the “Feedee” by the “Feeder” until the feedee is severely overweight and obese. What is the arousing idea behind this practice? The helplessness and the dependence of the feedee on the feeder is what attracts the ones practicing feederism.

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The Daily Mail UK recently posted an article about this exact topic. It’s about the seemingly fattest mother. Donna Simpson reported that she got paid to gain weight. A man from Germany actually gave her specific instructions to buy junk food, especially pizza. Another man sent her $200 a week to buy groceries. All he wanted in return was to know what she bought and what she ate that day. She was THE star in her “Fat Fetish Community” and earned about $1000 a month through pay-per-view videos in which you could see her eat. Donna wanted to become the fattest woman alive.

Donna Simpson however, has drastically changed her lifestyle for “the better”. She exchanged her videos on her own website for blog entries in which she documents her new healthy lifestyle. Her former community had lost a “feedee”. But the fascination with overfeeding people in order for them to gain weight is still there and in progress to spread out. As to the WHY behind the whole thing: You could argue about reasons why people find something attractive for absolutely ages with no end game. If somebody asked you why you thought this and that was sexy, you would subsequently tell them: “It just is!”

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