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The fashion by Marisol Henriquez very impressive – especially because of its versatility and openness towards different styles. In an avant-garde and exclusive way, the modern woman is presented in a new light. You can find dramatic, seductive, self-confident but also playful and romantic looks that only have one thing in common: the designer’s materialized love of detailed design.
In February Marisol proved ingenuity and creativity with the line for autumn and winter at the Couture Woche New York. The variety of materials, refined accenttuations and colors indicatively  stand for a special, highly-feminine overall picture. The sensual robe takes the lead role complemented by close-fitting skirts, tops, blouses and blazers.
Extended by numerous sophisticated details, these pieces show a spectacular degree of femininity. Marisol Henriquez plays with the fabric’s nature by making use of ruffles and drapery, to then complement the designs with ribbons, buttons or belts. But it’s the lace which is capping off the seductive autumn and winter collection.
The color choice is suitable for the season with its earth tones, yet it is still enhanced with evocative, expressive, bold shades. For this purpose, in addition to black and red there are also, even primarily, metallic shades. Patterns consisting of checks and stripes make the color image complete and are another, breathtaking part of the versatile designs.
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, Alexander Soin