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Hello fellow beauty lovers.

Guys, I haven’t had a single minute yet to tell you the great news. Back in July I received an e-mail telling me that I have won 1 of the 5000 3-months-subscriptions to a beauty box by dm . I have been applying for it over and over again. But believe me when I say that it can be extremely difficult to get one. The dm Lieblinge, which translates to “favourites”, box is a typical beauty box. The special feature about this one, however, is that you have to apply for one every 3 months to get your hands on the strictly limited number of boxes. If you’re one of the lucky winners you will get the opportunity to go to the dm drugstore, which you selected, and get yourself a dm Lieblinge box for only 5€. You will get that privilege for 3 months. After this period of time you won’t be able to participate in the new round, where they will determine the next lucky winners. In that way everybody has a chance to win one, I find this approach really appealing and I strongly recommend this box to you.

Outer Appearance | dm Lieblinge August

dm lieblinge 2

So when I walked into dm yesterday, little did I know would I walk out of it with a package the size of a baby truck. The August box was absolutely huge. I really doubt that they’re usually that size. If so, I am so looking forward to September. Back to the box: It brightens up your whole day in its shining green armour and the first thing you see once you open it is a card adorned with a cute bow and a list listing all of the items you are about to see.

The Product | dm Lieblinge August

dm lieblinge 3

When I spread out the 10 (!) products I couldn’t help but notice that literally 9 out of 10 were by alverdeThe brand known for its natural cosmetics had their 25th anniversary, I found out, which is also why I had 10 instead of only 5 products inside my box.

In the following image you can see what was incorporated into the box:

(from the left to the right.)

alverde body lotion (2.95€)
Dontodent Intensive Clean toothbrush (0.85€)
alverde wet wipes(1.95€)
alverde moisturizing mask (0.95€)
alverde bath salt (0.75€)
alverde hair mist (2.45€)
alverde REPAIR hair fluid (2.45€)
alverde eyecatcher Mascara (3.45€)
alverde lip balm(1.15€)
alverde Beauty & Fruity mattifying moisturizer (3.25€)
alverde SENSITIVE daily moisturizer (3.25€)
alverde makeup bag

Wow, that’s a lot right? I personally am looking forward to all of the things above. The brand alverde has never been something I personally gravitated to. But now that I have the so-it-seems whole product range I’ve been finally given the opportunity to test everything. I especially am looking forward to use the makeup bag, the wet wipes and the mascara.

Overall impression dm Lieblinge August

dm lieblinge 4

For 5 bucks you get a box loaded with products worth 23.45€ minus the makeup bag. That’s certainly something, isn’t it? It doesn’t take a mathematician to see why the boxes are so strictly limited. I am happy like a little duck and thankful for this subscription because there are so many beauty boxes out there that are just not worth my money and time. I really appreciate how thoughtful dm is with the hand-selected products in their boxes. I am so looking forward to September – that’s when the next box is going to arrive at my local drugstore.

Yours truly,

Lana Hoang

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