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Sonia Rykiel was already presented with her spring / summer collection 2014. Her great sense for knitwear and the focus on dignified clothes were mentioned and clearly shown. The new fall / winter collection presents an equally ladylike appearance. Here, she also focuses on knitwear, which is a clear advantage in regard to the season. Yet, she doesn’t present usual mesh structures – an experimental character created with patterns gives the collection an original and, thanks to braided pattern, playful touch.

We also can find grosgrain knitwear in the form of skirts, dresses and shirts. These look casual, in sharp contrast to the summer collection. The warming women’s wear is highlighted by white and brown fur, colored just like the main part of the collection. Black and gray is also used, in order to round up the color palette. Bright colors have been left out here, causing a calm atmosphere. The designs seem more turbulent than in the previous collection. Miranda Kerr is presenting a dark red dress with a generous cut-out, hence the coming winter seems to be very sensual.

The new collection by Sonia Rykiel proves once more her talent in creating breathtaking knitwear. While some creations are as usual marked by a rather modest appearance, other pieces seem somewhat more provocative as they show skin.

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Sonia Rykiel, for women – Spring & Summer 2014

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