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The spring collection 2014 by Chapurin convinced me straightaway, thus a preview into latest fall trends seemed obligatory. The pre-fall collection is dominated by black, white, beige, mustard yellow and green. This collection, unlike the previous one, presents patterns and prints: allover flower motifs or a deer’s head together with antlers element.

At first sight, this print seems misplaced. Yet, after a genereal impression you can see that it perfectly integrates à la stylistic incongruity and lends a surprising touch to the concept. The cuts are feminine and luxury just as in the previous collection. The skirt lenght is suitable for colder days, trousers à la Marlene look are presented too.

My favorite look consists of black trousers, an aubergine colored shirt printed with a deer’s head motif and a fitting floor-lenght black cardigan. This combination looks very casual and serious at the same time, furthermore the break in style is skillfully used. Thus, the pre-fall collection by Chapurin convinces through amazing cuts and innovative break in style elements. 

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Chapurin, for women – Spring & Summer Collection 2014

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