Hello fellow beauty lovers.

Welcome back. The editors at Readthetrieb.com never miss out on the latest dish when it comes to beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Fashion magazines like Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle are great aids in that department. In the latter we just found an interesting article about the latest fitness trends. Fitness has been around for a while now but it has been booming ever since the year has started. It has been THE hype out there and I mean, you can see it for yourselves in the gym, supermarket, on the streets and of course in stores. Fitness is everywhere and I for one am hoping that this trend is going to last.

Today, I want to introduce a fitness trend to you which is particularly helpful when it comes to burning calories fast, making you incredibly fit and building muscles.

CrossFit may be no strange thing for the most of you. We had it in high school. Well I most certainly did. It is an exhausting but also extremely effective combination of Cardio and Weight training. And this very mix trains your fitness, endurance, speed as well as elasticity and strength. This unique combination enables your muscles to grow and thus burning calories like crazy because as most of you know: The more and bigger your muscles are, the more calories your body will burn. And for all of you girls out there, who fear big bulging muscles on their little arms, don’t be frightened. We gals do not produce enough testosterones to get those muscles that big. We’d have to train day and night to get this “manly”. So no excuses, go on to your weights followed by a nice Cardio session because that’s what CrossFit is all about.

Alright, gals. CrossFit is THE fitness trend for those who want to see fast results and who don’t only want to lose weight but to become fit and healthy.


Image Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Woman_in_orange_doing_CrossFit_pull-up_(February_26_2010).jpg#mediaviewer/File:Woman_in_orange_doing_CrossFit_pull-up_(February_26_2010).jpg

Information Source: http://www.elle.de/