German actor Daniel Brühl, ex Bond-girl Olga Kurylenko, George Clooney, Jack Reynor and womanizer Tony Goldwyn are only a few celebrities that already posed in front of his camera. And Vogue, Tatler Magazine, Vogue Italia, Prada, Zegna and Louis Vuitton are only a few names that engage him for campaigns or photo series.

At this, one notices that Phil Poynter especially takes very beautiful pictures of crowds. Little groups are often created, like in the campaign for Lacoste where he let the models float in the air as if they were urban trendsetters on their way to work. It also seems that military uniform details are used for these shots. The cadence which can be seen on Prada’s campaign reminds of a military salute.

Aside from this synchronicity, his works have something rebellious in them, as well. He creates scenes of the everyday life of a biker group in the Rockabilly style in a very surprisingly detailed way. The situation looks absolutely authentic. As a woman, you really want to join the guys with their colored wayfarer sun glasses and leatzcher jackets on their bikes. As a man, you start wishing to impress one of the 50ies/60ies-looking girls with your motorbikes.

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