yasu 1Beside their light, friendly flower collages where Yasu + Junko arrange different glasses, blossoms and leaves to create puzzles, they also cover product photography as well as the beauty and food section. For cosmetic products they carefully examine the texture of lotions or oils and analyze all forms which they are asked to present beautifully.

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It becomes clear that Yasu + Junko like to work with different tiers. They don’t simply take photos of products. A flacon  is for example carefully arranged behind different semi-transparent milk glasses instead of being completely unveiled. This procedure is for example conveyed with a white cup for latte which is then broken. The broken pieces are arranged together so that the observer is confused by the three-dimensionality. They galso split mirrors and let the lying pieces shine in beautiful colors.

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Yasu + Junko are based in New York, more precisely in Brooklyn even though they are both from Japan. Yasu has been fascinated by photography since his childhood. He was a school reporter at his primary school and took photos of friends and his family. Junko claims that she didn’t have anything to do with photography until her mid twenties. It was when she started to work for the still life photographer Kanji Ishii that she entered the path of photography, which also soon led her to Yasu. Since then, they received several awards, for example the PDN 30 Award or the annual SPD Award. Their clients are for example well-known names such as Shiseido Cosmetics, designer Kate Spade, Japan Airline, Macy’s, Canon or Puma. The list of releases is even longer.

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