As for now you can be sure that every Saturday MTV Hauptstadtclub will be on my agenda.

The past weekend I’ve been strolling about Munich. The tour bus picked me up with a slight tardiness on Saturday in Berlin. I was sure to bring with me my bag as well as my guitar to keep up with my people on the tour. It’s always fun travelling in the bus with them because everyone has news to tell.

I’ve had this job for two years now and during that time we’ve grown extremely close. Let me introduce you to my people: our DJ, manager, camera man, singer and of course, me, the presenter. The singer and my friend being the typical Americans always insists on stopping by Burger Kind or McDonald’s to get some goodies although I just don’t phatom why she still stays so slim. Her lifestyle basically consists of smoking, fast food and booze. My body would never allow that kind of lifestyle.

I like to dress in black for the MTV tour. This time around I wore a black dress by ”Guess“- very basic but also very sexy and black heels by Louboutin. I simply adore this brand. I met up with a good friend and top manager to get dinner and brainstorm a project. We decided to go to „Koi“, a new and fresh place that serves amazing Japanese cuisine – my fave in Munich so far. At around 10pm we headed to “H’ugo’s” to meet up with my crew before going to the club. I usually start anchoring at half past eleven, when the club’s full of guests and the atmosphere is literally buzzing.

”Jack Rabbit“ is a new club, where mainly Rave is ruling. That little fact served as the inspiration for my introduction. I interviewed a couple of the party guests and had a blast talking to the people. I however, noticed that some were quite pushy. The pick-up lines were, well, pick-up lines and some people even were under the impression that Oktoberfest was already happening because they literally wore the costumes. The audience in general was young and open-minded.

After an electric night out I stepped depleted on to the streets to hail a cab when a hysterical Asian girl crossed my path. She had lost her friends in the club and her phone was off so I lend her mine. After having solved all of the impending problems she proceeded and I went back on hailing my cab. And what do you know, all of them were gone. What a night.

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