Rombauts collection for spring and summer were already introduced to you. We also showed you the special features of this young label in a previous article. Of course, the form and color selection play a big role but the materials are the real focus.

It’s important for the designer to participate in environmental protection and animal protection. Therefore he solely uses the bark of fig trees for her shoes. For her spring/ summer collection, he presents a very minimalist heel which is reserved for the completely white-colored shoes.

In the collection for fall and winter 2014, the designer brings in more color and adds some simple geometric shapes into the designs. While the current collection is a little bit more elegant, the upcoming one has more sneaker variations in store.

While some designers play with the contrasts between black and white, others indulge in complete blackness for a more elegant look. For the first time, the shoes are going to be accompanied by bags. They’re also influenced by geometric shapes, such as the circle on the laptop bag that can be interpreted as Yin Yang sign.

Rombaut definitely a great label to all the sneaker lovers out there who want to stylish footwear even in winter.

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Rombaut Shoes, Spring and Summer 2014