Inspired by South Europe, the brand Menckel presents Swedish elegance. The one who is pulling the strings behind this brand is the designer Annika Menckel and her colleague Sanna Kvist. During the time-consuming and complex process of designing, the two creative individuals elaborately construct the garments. Each detail, each square millimeter seems to be composed carefully in order to make the pieces of clothing unique. On Thursday, August 28th at 16:00, Annika Menckel is going to make you fall in love with her incredible fashion for the summer 2015 which will be presented on the runways of the Stockholm Fashion Week. This fashion is defined by an unprecedented individuality.

The collection for the fall and winter 2014 of course seems to be marked by an individual character as well, which is characterized by expressive cuts, sophisticated edges and glamour. The metallic shininess of the popular lamé look definitely embodies the latter. While strong and aggressive contrasts between black and red create a tough look, modern, sharp shapes represent the base of a very elegant style. Blazer, dress and pleated pants are jazzed up by details made of sequins, tulle and lace. Many pieces are characterized by an oversized silhouette which appears excitingly futurist when paired with an edgy cut.

In contrast, the silhouettes of the summer line appear graceful and feminine thanks to the rounded edges. The muted color palette dominated by pastel shades and highlights in black and white captures the flair of the summer beautifully and reminds you of the 50ies. Patterns like stripes and polka dots support this association as well. Dresses, skirts and blouses emphasize your feminine silhouette which is particularly flattered by skirts and dresses shaped like tulips.

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Copyright and Source: and, Photos by  Kristian Löveborg