After completing her studies in graphic design, Isabell Yalda Hellysaz decided to pursue her true dream. And so she studied fashion design.. After graduating in 2012, she instantly entered the fashion industry with her own label, with success. Born in Iraq and raised in Sweden, Isabell plays with her impressions, inspirations and influences. Her firm goal is to counteract short-lived fashion trends and to create an extraordinary universe with her intriguing designs. Thanks to innovation and creativity, together with craftsmanship, she reached her goal with ease and even international fame.

Futuristic elements are paired with timeless trends and a personal thumbprint. The resulting style is youthful, urban and casual and unites casual street wear with haute couture. Isabell doesn’t fear edges and imperfections. But perfection is just boring anyway. Bold cuts and substantial materials make this collection unique.

The winter season of this year is going to be a dream for confident wearers with lots of leather and dark colors. For the daring combination of rocking chic and youthful charm, you’ll find an innovative and individual style. The balance between bomber jacket and elegant coat is completed with knit pullovers and leather pants. The color selection of black and brown is natural, rounding up the individual style.

On August 27th, Isabell Yalda Hellysaz will show you her new summer line for 2015 at the Fashion Week Stockholm: “Lunar Exodus”, combining the influences from the 60s with the future.

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Copyright: and, Pictures by Pavel Maira