On the first day of the  Fashion Week Stockholm on August 26th, you can prepare yourself for an impressive fashion show presenting pure individuality. Army of Me is the name of the brand whose fashion will surely win your heart. Turning their backs from mainstream fashion, the designers of Army of Me create fashion for individualists. The runway shoe for the spring and summer collection 2015 therefore promises to become extremely thrilling, especially because Army of Me let mummed and hooded and made-up male models showcase their collection for the winter 2014.

In order to support the unique character of the designs, Army of Me will rely on irresistible contrasts in the winter 2014. Black and white form the base and are completed with grey nuances.  An impressive power lies in the expressive shapes, cuts and details. The daring and provocative style of Army of Me is definitely accentuated by dynamic cuts.

Wide, long robes, voluminous jackets and striking leather pants are paired with suit coats and pleated pants. Oriental-looking pieces and modern classics like a tunic and a sports coat clash with each other – this contrast determines the identity of the label. Completed by beautiful accentuations like batik patterns and zip borders, the style of Army of Me embodies power and strength.

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Copyright and Source:
http://www.armyofmedesign.com/ and http://www.fashionweek.se/https://www.facebook.com/armyofmedesign/photos_stream, Photos by Kristian Löveborg