Artful layout and low-profile presentation

What a beautiful summer. Each shoe is an art work and fashion victims want to have them all.  [xyxyx]*’s fanciful creations capture all women’s hearts. A big variety of shapes, materials and types make shoe fashion so fun.

The young label  [xyxyx]* parties hard. It is very popular for its extraordinary creations. The label plays boisterously with sophisticated techniques, is very maverick regarding to fashion and mixes colors and patterns unconventionally. The girls get winged by the lightness of summer. These fashion queens show much skin, and without light materials, you can’t survive under the heat. Little, fresh summer booties and ankle-high peep-toes are decorated with artful laser cuts. In the business class it’s the women who wear the pants, masculine low shoes with a feminine touch, perforated and provided with a striking colored sole.

The light shoe design is too embodied shoes provided with sweet laces refined with a filigree, artful laser cut technique. Extravagant clog cuts with playful peek-a-boos, sharp ballerina creations with glamorous jewelries and a dynamic white sole capture the shoe-loving girls’ hearts so easily and quickly. Pumps and high-top models with cut-outs of soft leather. Laces & platform heels also join the selection. A calming variety for purists is straight ultra-flat peep-toe booties in black and white, Chelsea boots and booties with a sophisticated zipper – all made of high-quality smooth leather.

The sandals are one of the greatest highlights. Fashionably, they play the main role and seem to make fantasies come true. Shoe-fashionistas live them and can’t get enough of these pretty companions.  [xyxyxy]* accomplishes all desires. If you are fashionable, you better wear flat soles and walk easily on the streets in summer. These new flats are really comfortable thanks to their striking sole and comfortable cushion.  You can also find numerous patterns in all kinds of colors and wild combinations. Leopards and zebras evoke animalistic fantasias and colored, delicate straps will make summery dreams come true.

Lacings and shoe straps, diagonal or vertical, intertwined or filigree provide a diversified optic. Do as you like. Jewelries and decorations are must-haves and highlight the sandals. Decorative gemstones meet leopard patterns and lush silver straps are in competition with glittery stones. Even a little heel is allowed to match reptile skin. Or how about  exotic flowers or elegant black and embossed leather. The fashion comes in a striking profile, inspired by Japanese designs and architectural straight silhouettes, silver and bronzed shininess and exotic plants. Mules are no no-gos anymore, but only if they come with a small platform heel and tiny buckle.

You’ll find all kinds of colors. The most important thing is that the sole has to be outstanding. Predators in an unmistakable look, orange, blue, turquoise, yellow, red or pink for the summery jauntiness, pastel colors, beige, grey and smoke blue, brown shades, black, cognac and floral patterns are the stars of the season and whet our appetite.

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Image Source and Text: www.xyxyxy.eu