Led by Evelyne Brekelmans and her friends, the brand Dante °6  has been creating fashion with a strong, feminine character for five years. Dante°6 is, as the name suggests, strongly inspired by the famous Italian poet Dante Alighieri, who stands for the core message of this brand which is the pursuit of the ideal life. Casual women’s wear with a sensual touch, luxurious details and a unique combination of textures, colors and striking highlights represent the strengths of the brand. It’s the strong, proud, urban and self-confident female wearer with a natural and elegant sex appeal who is in the center of each design.

The individual, graceful and excitingly feminine charm is again incorporated as the quintessence into the winter line. Dark and muted color nuances complement the straight cuts. Thanks to the color compositions, the collection offers various style possibilities and new ideas which will facilitate creating amazing outfits. It’s love which lies within the multi-faceted knitwear designs, which are embellished with braided patterns, fringes and perforations.

The casual coolness of the half coats and long pullovers is contrasted by tight leather leggings in terms of their silhouette as well as the characteristics of the used materials. The rough surface of some fabrics or the glamour of the leather serve as a striking eye catcher as well. At the same time, they show the diversity and creativity of Dante°6. The latest styles of Dante°6 will be presented at the beginning of August at the international fashion fair CIFF in Copenhagen.

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