Container  – the brand which unites traditional craftsmanship, vintage, romantic fabrics, a modern attitude and a flowery, dreamy color play. As a vision of the designer Anita Holk, this brand was brought to life in the year 2004 and has since then been dripping with individuality. Where does this come from? Of course, it’s the designer herself and her sources of inspiration that give this brand its distinct personality. Anita is for instance inspired by Victorian fabrics and embroidered textiles which radiate the charm and the spirit of past epochs.

All these factors come together in the feminine lines, playing a crucial and essential role. The harmonious color palette as well as the playful silhouettes are the hallmarks of the graceful vintage look. In the latest collection for the fall and winter 2014/2015, the designer creates breathtaking treasures in autumnal colors, which are capped off with detailed patterns.

Real vintage dresses in earthy or lilac colors, often adorned with flowers and tendrils, make up the lion’s share of the collection. Completed with knit and leatherwear, the comfortable collection truly can be considered a discreet, feminine highlight with an outstanding quality. If you’re interested in Anita Holk’s women’s wear, then you shouldn’t miss the fashion fair CIFF  in Copenhagen, if you are able to travel to Denmark’s capital city. There, the designer will present her collection for the summer 2015 until August 6th.

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