30 years of experience shaped the brand CKN of Skandinavia  which mastered the art of producing extravagant and exclusive outerwear made of textiles, leather or fur. Only designed and tailored at the CKN base, an expressive clothing line marked by extravagant charming pieces is presented.

The designs are defined by an elegant and classic style most of the time. But sometimes, a rocking component is incorporated into the looks. The color palette for this year’s collection is rather timid and very natural, dominated by the plain colors black and white. Vests, coats and sweaters drip with luxury, sophisticated designs and elaborately processed materials.

The leather pieces combine graceful femininity with rocking charm. Zip borders which run diagonally, bold seams and gravures refine and mark the design. The fur pieces are seldom embellished with colorful details and extract their expressive power from uncompromising minimalism. Who already enjoyed the collection 2014, can look forward to the fashion fair CIFF in Copenhagen which will take place until August 6th. Who has the chance to visit said fair, shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

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