You probably all know and love Greek sandals which simply look divine with their exciting strap designs. Ancient Greek Sandals is called the label I’m going to present to you, It’s a label which succeeded in revolutionizing the classical look of Greek sandals. Christina Martini and Nikolas Minoglou are the ones pulling the strings behind the brand, following a clear line and concept and always incorporating the Greek mythology into their designs. Techniques which are several centuries old and traditional craftsmanship represent the base of the extraordinary design which seem to enchant us even in the 21st century. The shoes are extraordinary, high-quality, perfect.

The sole is presented with thrilling new shapes. Slim, discreet, braided, broad, bold, closed and playful straps complete the style. Straight lines and curved, ornamental lines create complex sandals which make the perfect accessory. Sometimes the straps even reach your knees, other times they are adorned with wings which remind you of Hermes, the messenger of the gods. Each model is available in several colors, ranging from brown to luscious yellow or bold red.

The men’s collection appears notably plainer, however impresses with a great diversity of strap designs. Braided, perforated, broad or narrow – the minimalist design drips with sophistication. For children, the strap sandals stay very classical or win children’s hearts with the cool lamé look.

From August 3rd to August 6th, the Greek shoe label will present their latest shoe designs at the CIFF in Copenhagen. Don’t miss it!

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