The jewelry label  Alraune doesn’t only offer charming, finished creations. Here you can also discover all components you need to create your own, unique piece of jewelry. The designers place value on irresistible materials like pearls and silver which they combine with leather and silk in an almost cheeky way.

The jewelry of the label stands for the uniqueness of the wearer. Despite the discreet look of the pieces, they are yet capable of catching a lot of attention. Vintage-inspired leather wristbands contrast with feminine pearl rings. Above all, the necklaces enchant the beholder as they are made of shimmering pearls, silvery clips and lovingly designed pendants which can be combined as you like.

A lighthouse, a fox, a fly agaric, a shoe or a simple shiny gemstone turn your necklace into an individual highlight of the season. That’s why Alraune couldn’t be missing at the Panorama Exhibitions in Berlin. The interesting and extroverted mix consisting of playful motifs and high-quality materials and creativity determines the jewelry design in the end.

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