To prevent the ‘racoon look’ everybody is afraid of while doing a smokey eye look, there are a few steps to follow, to make the smokey eye look perfect.

1. The easiest order to apply colors is from lightest to darkest color. Here I chose an orange color (‘Chickadee’ by Makeup Geek), which works perfectly as a transition color for the brown eyeshadow.

2. Next put on a middle toned, brown eyeshadow all over the eyelid, blending it in with the orange color. The key to achieve a perfect smokey eye is blending, which is why it is so important to blend in between all of the steps.

3. Now we get to the darkest color. Take a black eyeshadow and apply most of the product on the outer part of the eyelid, blending it in with the brown eyeshadow towards the inner corner. The effect of placing the color on the outer corner is that it opens up the eyes much more than putting a dark color on the inner corner, which can sometimes make the space between your eyes look smaller.

4. A smokey eye without a smoked out lower lash line is definitely not a smokey eye, which is why you have to apply a black kajal on to your waterline. blend it out with the back, brown and orange color, to get the same color tranistion we have on the top lid.

5. To make the lashes look long and sexy, apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes (‘Rocket Volum’ Express’ by Maybelline).

6. As a Highlight I used ‘Vanilla’ by MAC on my brow bone and on the inner corner of my eyes.

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