On Tuesday evening, I was invited to the fashion show, held by top model Eva Padberg, for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. I arrived fashionably late at the Erika-Hesse ice stadium because of the storm. And the storm didn’t do my hair good either . Humid weather does not do my hair any favor, especially when it starts to rain so heavily.

There have been lots of shows on the external stations of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Eva Padberg’s show was one of the highlights. At the age of 34, the top model is going into business of design. In corporation with Katja Will from the label C’est tout, Eva created the collection Ce’Nou.

I was very excited to see the models who were selected by the experienced eye of Eva. I hurriedly stepped into the tents. It was raining through the flysheet – I was drenched. Anyway, I was still walking down the red carpet, hoping that my hair was kind of set right. The reception was waiting with champagne which I welcomed very much because I realized today that I’m still not quite comfortable riding the taxi. The whole atmosphere was so feisty – as expected of the Berlin Fashion Week.

Everyone who steps into the Fashion Week tents will feel like a VIP. It’s always a great pleasure to see such spectacular work on stage! In the show tent, I was able to meet old acquaintances like Patrice Bouédibéla or Joko Winterscheidt. Hundreds of Photographers were allocated in the crowd and then the show began. Eva’s models wore lilac wigs. As expected, Eva had put high standards on girls for her show. In comparison to those models, my waist measurement of 92cm seems so out of place! The women’s wear by Eva Padberg included cardigans with zebra stripes, formfitting sweatpants, leg warmers and casual oversized sweaters.

In an interim presentation, Eva explained that her designs were inspired by Yoga. Comfortable clothing. I liked the show because it had an international approach. The designs of the collection were slack, just the way I like it. Finally, I went backstage to congratulate Eva with some acquaintances. She was clearly relieved and happy about the smooth outcome.

It was a terrific evening. Eva Padberg is not only a highly requested model but also a very personable designer!

Picture Copyright: Readthetrieb