fashion night

Mercedes-Benz and VOGUE invited guests from all over the world to attend the 11th Mercedes-Benz & VOGUE Fashion Night of this year. The casual get together of the finest of the fashion world took place in the Borchardt restaurant. On July 9th the most important minds of the German fashion world and a lot of celebrities RSVP’d and rounded up to 350 guests including Julia Malik, Anna Maria Mühe, Brian Rennie, Gerd Strehle and Luca Strehle, Lavinia Wilson, Luca Gadjus, Jessica Joffe, Franziska Knuppe, Dawid Tomaszewski, Jella Haase, Haider Ackermann, Dorothee Schumacher, Kilian Kerner, Elisa Schmidt, Caroline Peters, Susanne Wuest and Chiara Schoras. They all spend their night with smart small talks and discussions about the first few shows of the day and upcoming trends as well as the current location in the Erika-Heß Ice stadium and of course the victory of the German team against host Brazil and expectations about the finale against Argentina.

Christiane Arp, chief in editor of VOGUE: “The Mercedes-Benz & VOGUE Fashion Night is THE communicative get together of the whole Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Exciting minds from the world of fashion, media and business as well as grand names with a preference for fashion get the opportunity to get together twice a year. For a fashion metropolis like Berlin it is important that people, who truly make an impact in the fashion world are there to support and tribute to the whole picture. That is why we’re doing this.”

Wolfgang Schattling, director of motorsports marketing communication & branded entertainment at Mercedes-Benz adds: “It is our pleasure to be the host for the, well we could say traditional event for the 11th time in a row. Regarding the ever growing fashion business and growing involvement of Mercedes-Benz in fashion it’s especially important to talk to the leading fashion forces and pick their brains concerning new trends etc. And as a sponsor for the successful German team we can safely say that the week has been very successful.

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