Justin Plunkett is an artist, illustrator and designer from South Africa. He spent 20 years making a name for himself in numerous enterprises, where he worked as a Creative Director. He even managed to score deals with renowned magazines like the Financial Times and Elle Décor. How did he do that, you may ask yourselves. Well, this multi-talent, who now lives in Switzerland, has found a way to transform plain-looking photographs into surreal artwork.

One of his supposedly most impressive projects was Con/Struct – an art/design exhibition in which surreal landscapes and structures were displayed. Those images are real photos but digitally enhanced to look like unusual, dynamic pictures with a hint of a darker, futuristic world.



Being the true all-rounder he is, he also succeeds in designing furniture. He once partnered up with John Vogel and together they both created the “Love Me Love Me Not” end table, which was even transported overseas to act as a piece in the Southern Guild exhibition, which allowed it to travel the world, favorite destinations being: Miami, Dubai and New York. On this little adventure this piece of art made a name for itself and even got the attention of the global designers’ press.


Eines der Produkte, auf die Justin Plunkett am meisten stolz ist, stellt dieser Tisch dar. Er entwarf ihn vor einigen Jahren und bezeichnet ihn als den ultimativen Esstisch. Weltweit wurde nur einer davon produziert – er ist damit wortwörtlich ein Unikat.

justin table 9114

One of the few pieces Justin Plunkett is especially proud of is this very table. He considers it as the perfect dining table. He designed and crafted it a couple of years ago and only one was produced, which makes it a true unicorn in the furniture world.



My personal favorite is this innovative and truly unusual book shelf. It is shaped like a true-to-size cow. It is sturdy attached to a fundament of wood. It has the perfect size to act as a room divider as well as a shelf. This piece was also produced in a limited edition, which makes it harder to get your hands on. I’ve been waiting forever to get it but it is unfortunately always out of stock!

Copyright and Source: http://www.justinplunkett.com/