Phase 6 of the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin: this professional trade fair for latest fashion becomes the venue for the fashion industry once again from 08.-10. July 2014 and is additionally assuming social and environmental responsibility.



It was about time that consumers started being curious about with what materials and under which conditions their clothes were produced. The Ethnical Fashion Show orients towards a visionary event concept perfect for labels offering innovative street and casual wear not only caring about cuts, colors and shapes, but also fashions influence on the environment and the social circumstances.

Prevention of waste, use of renewable resources and payment of living wages only represent a fraction of the aspects that the issuing labels take into account.

With an estimated 84 international exhibitors, the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin is one of the leading B2B trade fairs in this area.


INHEELS was founded in 2012 and counts to one of the numerous exhibitors. They create clothes and accessories for women, who are of an environmentally, socially fair origin. The used materials are chosen carefully and the production is observed meticulously to make sure that the production takes place under appropriate conditions.


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As a pioneer of Fair Trade and environmentally sustainable fashion, the label People Tree of course was invited to take part as well. People wearing clothes from People Tree do not only look good but also know that the unique pieces were produced with respect to people and the planet. They have been working together with farmers in developing countries for over twenty years in order to produce ethically and environmentally responsible collections.

Fair trade namely offers the developing countries opportunities to gain access to the business of the industry. The exclusive fashion for men and women has transformed ethical clothing into something desirable and glamorous.

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The wave of green fashion has captured us! We are excited to see how many labels implement the trends for the coming season, while they place great value on people and the environment. The EFSB takes place in the context of Berlin Fashion Week – It’s always worth to take a trip to the ewerk and to learn about sustainable fashion.

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