Ryan Lo  was born in Hong Kong and learned most of his skills on his own by watching videos on Youtube. He could perfect his skills with the aid of the renowned designer Charles Anastase. His own label focuses on nothing but love. Yet, his fashion doesn’t revolve around the happy sides of a romance. No, it’s all about pure tragedy.

Ryan Lo likes to be inspired by deadly unhappy love stories. Romeo and Juliet, Pocahontas or even Tarantino’s cinema movie Kill Bill served as an inspiration for him. The designer says that his muse and perfect customer is a woman  who is tainting herself.

The designer describes his creations as sexy and naughty. His latest spring/summer collection 2014 doesn’t show that in the classical way. Instead, a Lolita is in the foreground seducing men with her innocent charm. It seems like he was inspired by the love story of Susi and Strolch this time. His models present themselves as dogs or other animals on the catwalk. That’s why his designs seem very playful and feminine, sometimes nearly childish. The pieces of clothing look very innocent, especially when combined with the chosen color palette.

The lilac and rosy designs combined with fake ears directly catapult the models into a cartoon or a romantic fairy tale. Nevertheless, his fashion is dominated by complex and detailed structures. Thus, Ryan Lo stands for an exceptional, extravagant style.


Copyright and Source: http://www.londonfashionweek.co.uk/designers_profile.aspx?DesignerID=2101