Tibi ’s  summer collection  2014 and pre-fall collection  was already introduced to you on Readthetrieb. This time, we are going one step further considering the fact that this brand has been busy creating a collection for fall and winter 2014.

What awaits us this fall and winter through and through embodies the attitude of the designer Amy Smilovic in regard of style. She is of the opinion that every woman should be carefree but not lazy and completely unconcerned about her performance and exterior. Her atelier and showroom as well as her flagship store too are marked by her cool style philosophy.

Amy has chosen New York as her home city because she is constantly meeting inspiring people here. There is nothing more beautiful than the ability of your style and fashion to express your personality, according to the designer. In order to lend her fashion this capability, she relies on the interplay of contrasts like feminine and masculine or luscious and timid colors.

Her collection for the fall and winter 2014 indeed is defined by these contrasts, leading to a great diversity. A luscious blue shade meets discreet black. Black is placed on white and elegant fabrics are paired with casual jeans. In this way, the carefree character emerges. At the same time, you can’t deny that Amy’s fashion is still characterized by sophisticated elegance which the designer values a lot. Looking at the combination consisting of an oversized sweater and a tight-fitting skirt, you will perceive a symbiosis between a masculine and feminine style.

The label Tibi will keep having excellent fashion in store for women in the near future. The designs present themselves in a chic and timid way. At the same time, they impress with bold colors and voluminous scarves which become Amy’s personal allrounders.

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