Blood means life, this has been something Bram Stoker already knew, writer and author of the novel Dracula. Organs are however of great importance as well and that’s the reason why these are highly requested on the black market. Due to the fact that there are only a few donors and too much wealthy people who are waiting for a donor, these black markets are flourishing. Now to cut to the chase, how much money is a human body worth?

From head to toe
Hair with head: 607$ Pair of eyes: 1.525$
Head with teeth included: 1.200$ Shoulder: 500$
Coronary artery: 1.525$ Heart: 119.000$
Liver: 157.000$ Hand with lower arm: 385$
Spleen: 508$?Gastric: 508$
1litres of blood: 150$ Gall bladder: 1.219$ Small intestines: 262.000$ skin per cm²: 10$

Now, before you start thinking about making money with your body by selling your liver – you’ll never be able to see that money. Either these organs are taken out of fresh corpses or they are provided by donors who give away their organs for free. Organ trafficking is excessively violent and illegal where you can make a lot of money depending on the customer and country.

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