Kuala Lumpur – what a city but most of all: what a week! From June 18th up until June 22nd the Crème de la Crème of the Malaysian and international designer meet up in this vibrant city. The event promised to make fashion history. A huge part of this whole event is Alia Bastamam, who can be seen on Tuesday, June, 19th at 9pm.

At this year’s Fashion Week in Kuala Lumpur everything centres around Ready-To-Wear collections. In Alia’s case this is the Raya 2014 line, very elegant and feminine. This line is ought to bring out the natural beauty of the wearer. Floor-length dresses and skirts are incredibly charming, shy, modern and precise.

The chic style is highlighted by rose and violett shades in combinations with black or white highlights. The incision may appear very feminine and matched to the female body but it isn’t always clinging. If you held the whole collection into the right light you will also discover a variety of very simple and a variety of really detailed pieces. Ornated prints and sequins on the one side and one-colored class on the other side.

The label stands for elegance with a modern touch and looks for the urban trendsetter with an individual style.

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