Shadoyan Fashion creates Haute Couture, Ready-To-Wear clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and more. This label was founded by Kevork Shadoyan, a Syrian who lives in Armenia now. He presented his winter collection, characterized by breathtaking dresses and convinces with details, at theFashion Week Lviv in May.

Kevork was inspired by the exciting combination of traditional Armenian clothing and modern elements. A very own style emerges which appears very elegant and seduces you in the most sensual way at the same time. The summer collection 2014 consists of dresses for ladies and joyful colorful dresses for young  women marked by a richness of details.

These figure-hugging dresses are embellished with embroideries, prints, pearls and laces. The designs are determined by a tender, nearly transparent lace material.T he wearer’s skin is shown in a playful way. You could say that these creations represent modern and sexy interpretations of the oriental style. Gaudy and colorful traditional clothes impress with bright shades and lovely patterns.

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