Amina Vishnevskaya was presented at the Fashion Week Lviv in the Ukraine, which has recently taken place. There, she presented her latest designs, convincing with an elegant collection for the spring and summer 2014.

The designs sometimes appear revealing and sexy. Other times, they seem rather cute. But each and every creation by this talented designer is marked by a very elegant touch. Although a pair of long and short pants can be discovered here, the designer, above all, relies on the beauty of dresses. Short and lovely dresses, long and noble ones or designs whose gorgeousness is based on both concepts, which reminds you of Diors’ “New Look”.

Although the collection is meant for the spring and summer, the main part of the designs won’t evoke an association with the warm rays of the sun and blooming flowers. Instead, the creations are dyed in rather cold colors as black and silver dominate the collection.

The summery touch is only and solely determined by the fiery red. Said red nuance reminds you of corn poppies. The red and white print exudes a flowery aura as well. But all in all, the robes are definitely made for the evening.

It seems as if it was up to Amina Vishnevskaya, the entire summer would be full of cocktail parties. Well, who wouldn’t like this idea?

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