Hoss Intropia is another label which will be present at the Fashion Weekend in Sydney. The exciting looks which will dress you from head to toe in summery designs truly enrich the fashion landscape on the Fashion Weekend with an exotic atmosphere. This means: Not only does this brand produce magnificent clothing, but you can also find matching accessories here. Shoes, bags, dresses, shorts and jackets are pure estival seduction and will turn every summer day into a colorful, joyful fashion event.

Above all, the designer’s eye for detail breathes life into this fashion. Embroideries or patterns and the luscious nuances, paired with light cuts, result in a very individual, distinct summer look. Apart from colors like violet, salmon or yellow, natural colors such as brown, beige or a soft green mark the color palette as well.

Long dresses or tunics but also pants and tops are rather casual considering their cuts. Thanks to the light fabrics they embrace the figure in a unique way and thus create feminine a silhouette which is very typical of Hoss Intropia. Shoes and bags too are characterized by the typical Hoss Intropia design to match the clothing by the brand, which is why the striped pattern of a summer coat can also be found on different handbags.

Colorful sandals with or without plateau heel draw attention due to the thin straps. In this way, the brand ensures that you will be equipped with the perfect clothing to create wonderful summer looks and turn warm days and nights into your personal catwalk. Hoss Intropia stands for fun, motivation, the love of life and conveys a very distinct life philosophy. Paloma Vázquez de Castro and Constan Hernandez founded the innovative label in the year 1994 in Spain, from where they have been conquering the fashion world for 20 years!

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